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Answers to FAQ
How safe is my data? Your information is secure and not available to Internet robots or other unauthorized parties. We will not rent, lease, or share your information. It is only for uses related to REI activities and events.
Will other members see it? When you sign up, there are 3 options for you: Share email, share phone, and share address. You decide what information you wish to share, if any.
Will I be subscribed by you? We are populating the database with the information that we do have. When you receive an email, a link to update your data is included in the email. Please do so.
What should I do when I get an email from the list? You should click on the link to update your information if this is the first email you get. After that, there is nothing to do unless your information changes.
Can I add someone else to the list? You can, but you should not. If you know someone that needs to be on the list, send the person an email or call them on the phone.
What if I don't want to be on the list? Every email has an unsubscribe link. Click on it to remove yourself from the list. We prefer that you contact us via email and let us know why, if it is due to to something we did, or the way we do things.
What is the Reunion Committee and what is Recognition Site? Recognition Site dot Com has been around in various forms for many years. It is sponsored and mantained by Ed Morales. We send mail from time to time relating to this site, and events that are of interest to the xREI community.
The Reunion Committee is a separate entity which this site supports. The committee will send mail to list members regarding reunion events and news.
How often will I get mail? Not very often. However, during major changes to the site, and during the reunion activity periods, you may receive more frequent emails.
Why am I getting so many now? During the Reunion planning phase, there is a lot more activity. This will slow down as the event details are disseminated to all members.


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